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 General dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry became one of the main branch of conservation dentistry, and helped the dentists, that the restoration be not only good, but perfectly beautiful.

I believe it is a significat scientific achievement that when using the old amalgan fillings we not only removed the decayed part, but drilled into the healthy part of the tooth as well. However, in case of today's aesthetic composite resins and cemented fillings, we only remove the decayed part.

Another significant change is that with the help of modern root canal therapy we can save a lot of teeth which were to be extracted in the past.

Unfortunately an early decay is often difficult to detect and only the discolouring of the enamel suggests that a considerable hollow may be found below the white spot.

Another case: a tooth with a less obvious hollow, drilled and filled.

Caries beside an amalgan filling and its aesthetic adjustment.

The inadequate way of tooth-brushing is immediately shown by a red line on the gum, which can be an eary sign of gum disease. This can be healed in a couple of weeks by proper tooth brushing.


 Oral surgery and dental implants

Dental implant is one of the most successful developing area of the modern dentistry.

In many cases dental implants substitute the limited retention and stability of prosthesis and resulpting a healthy tooth.

However, not many patients are aware of the fact that a successful implantation is subject to certain conditions, such as perfect oral hygiene, adequate bone width, hight and density, and immune from paradentitis.

Dental implantation is commonplace in my practice as we have carried out hundreds of implantations. The surgery is equiped with a panorama X-Ray machine, of course. It is necessary for dental implants.

A new and interesting area of oral surgery is bone substitution. We can fill in the bone for some reason formed cavities (cyst, wisdom tooth removal, bone atrophy) with modern bone substitute materials.


 Other oral surgical treatments carried out in my surgery

  • operating out broken roots
  • removing jaw-bone and root cysts
  • bleeding free operations with an electric scalpel

With the help of these two pictures I would like to present a healthy and inflamation free gum.

This is an inflamed gum caused by tartar and dental deposit.
After the treatment.

Receding gums are today's common problem, which is mostly caused by inadequate and strong brushing.


 Tooth whitnening

While a few years ago tooth whitening was rare, by now it has become common practice. treatment can be applied in the surgery or at one's home. Although the latter requires longer period of time it also yield a result in a week's time. Sensitivity is the only side effect which may occure, however, it disappears once the treatment is accomplished.


 Bridges and dentures

We work with composite and owing to the latest researches with metal free porcelain dentures as well.

Patients who have lost many of their teeth can experience a great change in their lives, having combined dentures. It is called combined because it consists of fixed and detachable parts fastened together with hidden and precision instruments. Porcelain inlays are the most suitable for changing extended amalgam fillings.

In case of extended cavities the best method is using aesthetic porcelain inlays prepared by prosthetists. I recommend the same for replacing amalgam fillings.


Other services



 Payment by card

We accept cash and bank or credit cards as well.



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